Euroopa Know-How transfer, Brüsselis, Belgias


07.10.18 - 11.10.18 - Terve päev



Official Program:

Sunday, October 7: Arrival day

12h00 – 13h00 Arrival and registration

13h00 – 18h00 workshops about the European Institutions and on how to make the most of your visit to the EP
Monday, October 8: European Commission (EC)

Meeting & Registration at the EC

Discussions with officials of the EC

Panel discussion and group work

Tuesday, October 9: European Parliament (EP)

Meeting & Registration at the EP

Welcome speech by MEP in the EP

Followed by individual “shadowing“ program with the Members of the European Parliament (MEP)

Wednesday, October 10: European Parliament (EP)

All day individual program with the MEP (please organize the program as well as the entrance to the Parliament with your MEP’s office)

Thursday, October 11: European Parliament

In the morning individual program with the MEP

Closing speech by MEP in the EP and final remarks

After 16h00 individual departure


Note: Details will follow in summer 2018.


Please take a look at and check out MEPs you would like to follow in the three days at the EP. Have a look at the agenda of the different committees to find out which topics interest you and which committees you would like to join during your days at the EP.


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