Jay Johnsoni loeng “Introducing a behavioural approach to consciousness”


08.04.19 - 12:30 - 14:00

JCI e-Koda koostöös JCI Estonia ja Worklandiga toob teieni Be Conscious sarja järjekordse esineja Jay Johnsoni (USA), JCI rahvusvahelise asepresidendi koolituse.

Jay koolitused on ülipopulaarsed ja seni müüdud läbi minutitega – kiirustage! Pileti saab soetada Fientast.




Loeng “Introducing a behavioural approach to consciousness”

What is behavioural intelligence? How can behavioural intelligence be applied to consciousness? Is behavioural intelligence connected to emotional intelligence?
Come and join an engaging talk with a renowned leadership trainer and TedTalk speaker Jay Johnson about behavioural intelligence.

Jay is going to tap into the world of consciousness and share how behavioural intelligence can be applied to consciousness. During this seminar you´ll be exposed to how to become aware of your behaviour in different roles and the impact your actions can have on others and the environment around you.

You´ll be given an insight into behaviors and how to manage behaviors to produce the best possible results for your organisation, team or yourself! Behavioral Intelligence is the core framework and guiding principle of all of Johson´s trainings.

Jay is a very inspiring speaker. We are positive you´ll leave the seminar empowered to take some action and become the best self you can be!

Location: Workland Vabaduse (Pärnu mnt 12, second floor)

Ticket: 10€ from Fienta.

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