JCI Finland Kevadkonverents 2022 Tampere 22.-24.aprill


22.04.22 - 24.04.22 - 08:00 - 23:45

JCI Finland’s annual National Conference 2022 | 22-24.4.2022

Welcome to join us in JCI Finland’s annual National Conference 2022, hosted by JCI Tampere! We guarantee the event will contain high quality content, much longed interactions, fabulous entertainment and fantastic surroundings.

The conference theme is built upon leadership, social impacting and sustainable development. The content is adapted to the rapidly changing situation and will be meaningful to the participants. More details of the program will be updated on the conference’s website. Registration for supplementary programs and trainings will be separate.

Welcome to Tampere!

Prices and conditions
Super stylish Bird – Registration package: 189EUR
Classy Bird – Registration package: 199EUR
Messy Bird – Registration package: 215 EUR
Registration package includes:
– Registration fee
– Opening ceremony (Friday 22.04.2022)
– The whole program (Saturday 23.04.2022)
– Lunch (Satuday 23.04.2022)
– Afternoon coffee (Saturday 23.04.2022)
– The Gala (Saturday 23.04.2022)


Konverentsi koduleht  Vuosikokous 2022 – Vuosikokous 2022


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